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To Haiti We Go!

Let us now delve into my first trip to Haiti a little deeper. I visited in December 2018 to lead CAN's Haiti Orphan Care Trip. I was very excited to meet the sweet kiddos that I had heard so much about!

Traveling to Haiti from the United States makes you realize just how small the world really is. Living in Texas makes my journey to Port-au-Prince pretty quick and painless, but you also see how underdeveloped a country can be that's located so close to one of the richest nations on earth.

(Overlooking Haiti)
When I arrived in Haiti, I was greeted by several friendly Haitian faces, as well as a blast of humid and tropical air. The PAP airport is interesting to me because the pickup area is extremely chaotic. It's not like American airports where cars systematically pickup and drop off passengers as quickly as possible. In PAP hundreds of people stand around to greet their arriving guest or family member. This makes my experience of waiting for Orphan Care participates quite …
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The First of Many

My name is Becca, and I am a Haiti Adoption Caseworker for Children of All Nations. Welcome to my blog! Some of you may know me as their personal caseworker, many of you have never met me. I am not writing this blog to increase the size of my caseload or to convince you to pursue adoption. I am writing this blog to dissect just how joyful, sweaty, depressing, humbling, and rewarding visiting and working in Haiti has been for me. Perhaps you have been to Haiti yourself, and you can relate to the emotions I will describe in this blog. This story, like many, will start from the beginning and will firstly focus on first impressions. Many say that first impressions are everything, right?

*View from a creche in Port-au-Prince, Haiti*
When I accepted the position as CAN's Haiti Adoption Caseworker, I knew I was taking on a big task. Not only did the job entail working diligently on cases from a computer in a comfortable and cozy office, but it involved traveling to and working in Haiti 3-4…